All your life, you have been a good and hardworking student. You did great in high school and made your way to University and finally graduated with flying colors. You applied to many well famed multinational companies but never get any interview call. You even got rejected from the company whose interview went quite good and you were optimistic about your future…NOW, WHAT??

The best advice I can give you is to not think of suicide. You are much better than this and this world needs what you have to offer. Job seeking has always been a difficult task and will remain so given a growing competition.Be patient about it.

One needs to be smart and most importantly SKILLED to make an astounding impact. With thousands of candidates out there you need to stand out among them.

Let’s look a few tips to improve your chances to get a job or a better job.

Leverage your Network:

It is far better to be referred than applying directly to the job. The managers at the company love to discard CVs they don’t like. It is better to be referred to other because of your skills and talents.

If you have any contacts, use them. Most of the jobs never made it to an advertisement page. More expedient would be to ask your friend at the company to forward your CV.

Since this is the modern era of technology, Make use of websites to get in contact with people all over the world and represent yourself in the best possible manner. is an efficient way to get in touch with the world. Apart from it, Join some Facebook pages to make new contacts.

Don’t Miss the Jobs fairs:

If you are currently in college or university, Get in touch with your industry liaison office and ask them what kind of jobs are available in the market and what skill set are they demanding? If you want to get paid better, you should do what the employer wants you to do.

Companies offer advertise themselves in different conferences about their vision and objectives. If there is any conference in your vicinity, don’t miss it. Get in touch with their employees and ask them what kind of traits they want in new recruits. Some companies offer an on-site interview. Be ready to avail that opportunity.

Show them what you can do, Avail every chance of doing Internships:

It is not who I am , it is what I do makes the difference.The famous quote by Batman is legendary itself. The only difference you will make is by doing your work. The internship provides you the best way to work in an atmosphere of the company. You will be acquainted with the nature of your work in your potential company. If you perform better, chances are there you might get selected.

There are lot available internships offers. Make use of your contacts to place yourself in the vanguard.

If you are an undergraduate student, it is strongly advised to do at least 3 to 4 internships.

Hire a professional:

If nothing is working out and you have run out of contacts to get a job. It is time to hire professionals. You will find a lot of firms who will help you to find your coveted job. Their help might come with a price but it might be worth it.

CV must be unique:

Now everything is in order and you have found a way to the interview table. Now, this is where your final battle begins. Your CV must depict all your strong points and demonstrates your future plans are, and what you admire to become.

You can easily find tips to make your CV better online. Make sure you work properly on it.

Seeking new jobs require patience and persistence. Don’t get your hopes down because of few early setbacks. Keep striving for it.

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