If you travel every once in a while, there is a high chance you have dealt in miles or travel points. If you

have not, then you must rectify the situation immediately. Because more than one flight in a year means

you are in need of the rewards travel points offer. But enough about that. We shall discuss the positives

of miles and points in another article. This article is for those already involved in the process of

purchasing and selling points. Here is how you can make the selling process convenient and smooth. The

process of selling points itself is not complex to begin with but the below mentioned tips are bound to

help more.

Trust the internet but be skeptic as well

Selling points on the internet is probably the smoothest and most convenient way to find a good selling

deal. But this does not mean you trust every site on the web. You have to be aware of the online scams.

Only go for the obvious and reliable sites for buying and selling. And if you do come across a new site,

first research about it extensively before you trust it completely.

Eliminate the middleman

Direct selling of points is more beneficial in monetary terms as opposed to selling through a medium

acting as middleman between the buyer and seller. But of course this is not as easy as it sounds. Finding

a direct buyer is not always easy. But if you do find someone in your social circle willing to buy from you,

prefer selling to them without getting anyone else involved.

Increase your awareness level

If you wish to be a successful seller, you need to know all there is to know about travel points. Do

extensive research about the miles you are going to be selling. Find out about every reward and

redemption policy related to the points. Know the market conditions and adapt to changing situations.

Strike a deal in view of all you have learned. This way you can avoid unnecessary hassle and problems.

Social media presence

The travel industry has become extremely internet oriented in the past few years. Social media presence

has become somewhat of a necessity for selling points among other travel related activities. Through

the internet you have better access to potential customers. Social media also helps identify the target

audience. You must maintain a presence on Facebook, google plus and twitter. Consider Instagram,

Pinterest and LinkedIn as well if you feel it will widen your access to clients.


Goes without saying that having a large customer base means better deals and an edge over the

competitors. Advertisement is important to have an increased clientele. Experts agree that the most

effective advertisement for sale of travel points is on the web, specifically adverts on Facebook and

travel websites. Advertisement gets you connected with customers without too much effort and money


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