In this modern world, where everything is connected to the internet and social media, it has become quite easy to do your trading, even sitting behind your computer screen. With this world turned into a global village, there have been many security lapses which caused many their wealth and time, and in rare cases their life. Hence it is of paramount importance to learn a few safety tips to make your selling and buying secure and safe.

1. Do some research of the object you are buying or selling and from whom you are going to trade.

Ask from your buyer to show the receipt of the object. It may be possible that the object is stolen material or illegal in your country which can put you in the hot water. Make a thorough research about the object. Ask your buyer about its legality. View the photos vigilantly and if you feel something unusual, back off.

Also, make sure from whom will you be going to trade? If they have a criminal record or they are involved or was involved with some criminal act, refrain from doing any business. It may be possible that their action may cause you some harm.

2. For a hefty sum of money, make use of online services like PayPal. If not interested, go to the bank.

There have been numerous cases when a seller was robbed of their possession at the place of meeting. It is preferable to use online transaction service if you have to receive or send a large sum of money.

Some people are not inclined to do online transaction.A better option would be to go the Bank since you can withdraw or deposit money there. Furthermore, banks are properly protected and secure.

3. Don’t go alone.

It would be common sense to bring some friend or family member with you. No one wants to meet a complete stranger, especially when money is involved. Not only you would feel secure, but also you will someone whose advice you can trust.

4. Meet at public places.

Public places are not always secure, but they are crowded. Anyone with evil intention would think thrice to do something reckless. For safety, it would be both wise and safe to select a place that has security camera or direct surveillance. But be cautious of your surroundings.

The parking lot of some supermarket or some crowded café , like Starbuck, would serve the purpose. Adding a coffee to your dealing would sweeten the deal.

5. it’s preferable to take cash.

If the buyer gives you check instead of cash, it would be wise to ask cash. Their checks can be fraudulent or don’t have enough money .you wouldn’t lose the money but your object as well. Such scams have been troublesome for many.

6. Never do your dealing at home.

Never invite a stranger to your home for business dealings as it would be unsafe. If you have children In your home, you are putting them in potential danger. Any dealing can go sour and can be detrimental to you and your family. It is not advisable to reveal your personal information to the dealers.

Always trust your gut. If your spidey senses start tingling, get out. Safety and security should be of paramount importance for anyone. No one will want to do buying and selling if there is some kind of threat or potential danger to their life.

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