Every now and then we have to discard a few things that are just taking the space in the attic. More than often they are in quite a good shape but hard to sell since it is not piece of cake to attract buyers to buy second-hand things. It takes some skills and few dexterous tactics to stand out from the swarm of second-hand sellers.

To make it a success you must avoid the amateur mistakes and be vigilant. Follow the following guidelines to make your second-hand sale successful.

Take a good picture:


Now a day’s most business takes place online. That’s where most buyers will be interested to look for things. Get some good pictures of it from every angle and then upload it. Well, ask some friend to take some good picture. The first expression is the last expression .You better not miss this first expression thingy to attract the customer.



Don’t be emotional when pricing your objects. It may be true that object holds a very important place in your heart and you cherish many memories with it, but the potential buyer will not care a bit for your emotions. He will only be interested if that objects allure him and the price you name is reasonable.

So be very vigilant if you want to stand out from others selling the same things.

The price you name must be:

1. Reasonable and affordable by most potential buyers out there.

2. Selling an object the same price after using it for 5 years would be foolish. Inflation devalues money.

3. Set price that can be negotiated able if the buyer is interested.


You can have your reason to sell your old objects. And the market is ever changing .One bad deal gone wrong can depict your poor image and your chances of doing business again will noticeably reduce.

So be honest about your objects. If there is any fault or flaw, Let the buyer know beforehand. Of course, the price may change somehow, but it is better not to lose a customer.

Being honest will get you more clients in future.


This may feel intriguing to let the buyers try it but it will be most important one . If someone is willing to pay the price your choice and then you must return the favour by letting them try it for a while. You may feel insecure but the buyer is the one with the money and once he is certain that the object he is buying is good enough for him .He will surely complete the deal.

A word of caution for clients who are selling their second-hand thing is to keep sure of their security while dealing with strangers. Also if your object that you are selling has a record like it was stolen and you found it later or anything unusual, you must let the buyer know. This would not have any detrimental effect on your deal. The buyer will appreciate it and it will save both of you from any trouble in the future.

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